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Originally from Massachusetts, Joel Crouse draws from local musical icons like Aerosmith, Boston and James Taylor. By age 16 he had already formed two original bands playing songs he wrote. At 17 Crouse decided to make the move to Nashville to pursue music professionally. He started playing dive bars and ended up opening for the likes of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran on Swift’s RED Tour as well as four years on the road opening for Darius Rucker. A formidable songwriter with distinctive vocals, Crouse garnered his first cut last year with “Wildfire Love” on Hootie & the Blowfish’s Imperfect Circle, written with Sheeran and Rucker. And this month he lends those unique vocals to energetic dance pop track “Broke,” which he wrote for Hamburg-based DJ and producer Wave Wave. The singer/songwriter’s forthcoming EP, wasteLAnd, will be available August 7 and includes fan favorite “On My Way,” written with Sheeran who also supplies background vocals on the track, as well as several unreleased songs including latest release, “Survivin.’

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